Dirty Blonde Covered In Cum

Blonde Covered In Cum - Free Gallery

Mary is one of the dirtiest little bitches we've had on Cum Faces in quite some time. In these free clips (link above) she sucks six guys cocks in a awsome display of cock sucking expertise that will be guaranteed to have you hard in no time. If you are not sporting wood after watching this little slut suck dick then you must be gay.

  As Mary goes along the line of guys she manages to keep her attention on more than one guy at a time. At one point we see her with a cock in each hand and one in her mouth while getting her pussy licked out. By squatting over each of the guys faces she makes sure her pussy gets lots of licking as she sixty-nines each of the guys in turn. They all seem to enjoy the taste of her juicy young cunt and she is soon looking pretty flushed as she is obviously getting close to orgasm after all the clit licking she has taken.

In the grand finale to this awsome scene we get to see this dirty blonde covered in cum. That's right, little cumslut Mary takes all six loads over her sexy face. She is literally covered in the stuff. You can hardly see her eyes or her cheeks for the thick wads of creamy white jizz. She takes every last drop of their spunk on her face and doesn't complain once. Now that's the kind of chick I like!

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Cum On Her Face In Public

Cum On Face In Public - Free Gallery

This brunette is pretty fucking hot, I'm sure you'll agree. She has beautiful hazel eyes and perfect little titties and looks the picture of innocence. Well, not for fucking long. This little bitch was soon having length after length of hard meat shoved down her pretty little throat in this new group suck-off video set (see link above). After these guys had finished with her they left her with her face smothered in warm jizz.

This scene was all shot outdoors and looks pretty much as if it was shot in public! I didn't notice anyone walking past so it must have been shot at a pretty quiet time of day but it is all done in what look like a public park somewhere. Gotta give the girl credit for getting cum faced in a public place.

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Gorgeous Girl Gets Covered In Cum

Girl Gets Covered In Cum - Free Gallery

This gorgeous blue-eyed blonde girl blows four dicks and gets covered in cum in our latest free video collection (see link above). And she's pretty fucking good when it comes to blowing cock. She does some pretty amazing deepthroat action and gets her throat fucked nice and deep before getting her face covered in four thick loads of creamy white jizz.

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Cum Covered MILF Slut

Girl Covered In Cum - Free Gallery

This brunette MILF slut sucks off four guys and gets cum covered in this awsome video set from Facial Foundry. As usual in their videos the babe is fucking hot as fuck and the action is all 100% hardcore. The scene takes place on an outdoor terrace giving the impression that she is having the guys cum on her face in public.

There are four guys in this scene and each one of them gets an awsome blowjob from this horny MILF. She really has a great cock sucking action and I can tell you I wouldn't last too long if she were sucking my dick like that! But these guys are pros and managed to hold off for the final cumshot scene where they all blew their wads of thick creamy jizz all over the sluts face. Nice!

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Cute Brunette Gets Face Covered In Cum

Face Covered In Cum - Free Gallery

This cute brunette with beautiful green eyes puts on a show to be remembered as she gives head to a bunch of guys before getting her face covered in cum. She begins sucking one of the dudes with a super sexy rythmic motion that has him hard as a rock very quickly. She continues on to the next guy and sucks him untl he's standing to attention too.

The cock sucking continues with our sexy brunette chick giving all the guys a good sucking. She flicks from oe to the other taking their stiff pricks deep into the back of her throat. After sucking them all to the point of no return they are ready to cover her face in hot cum. They each take turns jerking their cocks over her face until the cum shoots out over her pretty features. She ends up with several loads of thick white cream all over her mouth, nose and cheeks.

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Nikki Rider - Cum In Her Face

Cum Inside - Free Hardcore Video Gallery

Pornstar Nikky Ryder (also known as Vica Ryder, Nikki Rider etc.) blows four dicks and then gets her face sperm-painted in these free cum face videos (see link above). This chick really knows how to suck cock and watching her do four at once is a truly amazing sight. She does deep throat with ease - those cocks just seem to slip down her neck. The girl has no gag reflex at all!

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Two Hot Girls With Cum On Their Faces

Cum On Their Faces - Free Gallery

Nothing better than a couple of hot girls with cum on their faces - and that's exactly what you get from today's free gallery (see link above). How fucking hot is that blonde chick? Wow, I wish I was that lucky bastard with his cock in her mouth. In fact I wouldn't have minded being any one of the five lucky guys that all got sucked off by this sexy blonde and her equaly sexy friend.

When it comes to group suck-offs you can't really beat Facial Foundry. This scene is a classic example. Five guys laid out in a row with two sexy girls moving along the row to give them all blowjobs. It's a great formula and they give it that bit of extra punch by using super hot girls.

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